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hello world!

get ready to get ran thru by dick daly. (he’s a beast!)

dick daly chillin' owt

i just moved to busan, s. korea a few weeks ago so i figured i would start blogging about it so that my people back home can keep up with me and also to keep record for myself to look back on when i am older.

world travel was always a dream, but i never really made a plan for how i was going to achieve that goal. the general idea was to work hard, invest wisely, and spend conservatively for 15-20 years then go off and see the world. there’s only one little problem with that plan; you are not promised tomorrow and you damn sure aren’t promised 15 years later.

so, why korea? well, i always had an interest in korea and asia in general. also, s. korea offered a very fitting and exciting opportunity that suited me very well. i have the opportunity to live here for a whole year,  while working as an english teacher. ironically i have wanted to be an english teacher since i was in middle school, but it didn’t make much financial sense to me back in the states.

now, combined with the incentives of being in a different country, having all expenses paid, insurance provided,  and plenty of vacation time (to explore even more), and it suddenly became very easy for me to leave behind all that i have worked for in the states to pursue a dream. i left with no financial obligations aside from my house and car, which are both rented out at the time.

so, now that i have you caught up to where i am now, try to keep up with where i’m about to go…