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what can johnnie do for you?

not much, my friend

before i came here a friend of mine, who has lived in korea, told me to bring a couple of bottles of johhnie walker red label, specifically (i prefer the black label, myself). “what’s so great about red label?”, i ask him. “i don’t know, but they just love it. bring some with you!” so i copped a couple of bottles when i was at the airport in a duty free shop. apparently it is the thing to offer guests that come over your house or it can also be used to, according to this dude,  “get anything you want over there (korea)”.

well, it doesn’t work. he lied.

i tried to get the internet technician (notice how i didn’t say internet guy or girl..) to give me a hand job as i was holding a bottle of johnnie red label in one hand and a glass of the stuff on ice in the other. i immediately regretted this move as the technician promptly got up, packed their equipment, and walked out of my apartment without finishing either the installation job or the goddamned whiskey that i poured up. come on, if a glass of johnnie can’t get me a handy, then what the hell can it get me in this place?

shoulda got the black or blue label. you live and you learn.