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nothin’ much goin’ on over here

this friday was teachers day here in s. korea. the school had a ceremony honoring and thanking the teachers as we were showered with small gifts, flowers, and treats. as an added bonus we also were given the rest of the day off after lunch. cool beans.

this weekend i planned to go to the fish market and get some nice shots, eat some sashimi, and maybe buy something to take back to the house. this weekend it decided to rain. this weekend i decided not to go to the fish market. instead, this weekend i just partied it up once more.

you know, i try to add something of value to this blog every once in a while. something that would be worth reading. a cultural experience, and exotic adventure, but i have nothing of the sort for you today.

this firday i hung owt with some friends in the kyungsung university area. it’s the place where the foreigners hang owt. ended up at kino-eye and it was pretty much the same old. i won’t go into details, but the night didn’t end well. i just went home relatively early and laid in my bed as if she was my woman.

the next day i woke up around 3:00 p.m.  i had a rather unproductive day. didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything and the weather sucked huge ones.

but i did have tickets to a mixer that was taking place in hauendae beach that night and dreaded the thought of attending in such inclement weather. but, my buddy got my ticket for me in good faith that i was gonna go, so i had to at least meet up with him to give him his money and show up to the shin dig.

as i mentioned- it was raining. so, i decide to put on my flip flops, cuz i don’t like getting my shoes soaked. and apparently the owners of the club i went to don’t like dick heads with flip flops in their fancy club. i had no idea what kind of establishment i was attending, but i was under the impression that it was a casual affair. it wasn’t. access denied!

i accepted my fate. but before i left, i silently made a quick call/prayer to my girl, god,  and politely asked that the person responsible for my denial of entrance would be denied entrance into the biggest party of them all (you know the one with the pearly gates n shit), and i went about my way.

yes, god is my homegirl and she does do me such favors. you might not want to rub this dick the wrong way. (pause and consider)

now i’m back in them streets lookin’ for somethin’ to do. i end up running into two mates and hang owt with them for a bit. but, they where headed to the same place that i just left so we didn’t hang long. i escorted them to the place and we parted ways.

i decided to hail a cab and made my way to kyungsung once more and ended up at kino-eye… again. i really did not wanna be there and was elated when i received a call from one of my fav people i met here. she was hangin’ back in haeundae with an old friend. i hopped in the next cab and headed back to chill with them for a bit in haeundae… again.

the spot wasn’t particularly jumpin’, but i hung owt with some cool peeps so it was def. all good. after some convo and drinks we all left and took our asses home. in the afternoon we met up again and hung owt and had some much needed nourishment – fried and bbq chicken. after all that hangin owt i was super beat and called it a day.

so, there you have it. not much excitement this weekend or this week for that matter. i will take a laxative and hopefully have some better shit next week. peace.