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b-day abraod

so, i’ve been holding off from writing this blog for a few reasons.

1. it has it’s sad moments

2. i can hardly remember it

3. i’ve been super busy

so first, i started my birthday off on a sad note. the first news i heard on my birthday was that my grandmother just passed away back in the states. it was sad news but i do have a positive perspective on death and can deal with it very well. so, i just spent my birthday by myself and reflected on life. that was my thursday.

to top it off the next day i heard that m.j. kicked the bucket as well. i’m cursed.

now, the next part is a blur. this is what i remember: i had dinner at a nice chinese restaurant, which was described to me as “a real american chinese restaurant”. that shit is hilarious to me, but it’s true. the menu items were like the ones you would find in an american chinese restaurant and the food was damn good. we eat, we toast, we leave. no tip. (korea does not have a tipping culture and may sometimes be viewed as an insult. it can imply that “i make more than you in life, here you go…you cunt”)

we hit up a chill bar where my boy normally djs, but that day he wasn’t spinning cuz he came out to dinner with us. we sit there for a few and wait for some of my out of town guests to arrive. i had a few people coming in from daegu and seoul to celebrate the weekend.

once they arrived it’s like the shit just hit the fan. i was being handed glasses, bottles, cups, mugs, left and right and next thing you know it’s daylight. yes, that just happened and i don’t even know what “that” is. all i know is that i managed to lose everyone that night and found a nice curb to go to sleep.

i just remember this japanese guy, that i met a few weeks ago, waking me and telling me that i need to go home. i told him to leave me alone in my happy place, but i don’t think he understood me, cuz he just would not leave me alone. he kept asking me where i lived so he can get me a cab.

so, i finally tell him to reach in my pocket where i had written down my address just for such an occasion. he pulls it out, hails a cab and helps me in. amazingly, exactly one second later i wake up in front of my apartment complex with cab driver yelling at me to wake up and get out. i make my way up to my spot and pass owt. again.

i finally wake up hours later and realize that i cannot find my phone. fuck me! i later realized that someone has put it in my bag for me. thank you! i had a million missed calls. everyone must have thought i died, but thank god that i made it through. i felt pretty bad because my visitor from seoul was supposed to stay with but just decided to go back home, cuz she couldn’t contact me. what a dick! i felt like such a douche. the other dudes ended up sleeping at one of their boy’s place, so it was all good.

saturday was supposed to be spent at the beach, but since i didn’t fully wake up until around 5:00 p.m. there wasn’t much more daylight left to enjoy the beetches and the beach. instead we just hung out at my spot, listened to music, got some food, drank some more, and headed out to face a new night.

satruday night was my reserved night. i got clean and made it a point not to get drunk that night. i just wanted to have a good time and be bale to holler at some chicks. we went to two different clubs. one with a live band and then off to a huge, packed, sweaty party where i met up with the rest of my crew.  i didn’t manage to take anything home, but i def. enjoyed myself.

we emerged out of the club into a another bright sunny day, parking lot pimped, played with drunk people, and finally grabbed some food. another girl that knew one of my boys joined us for breakfast. after we ate we took the subway home and i made a cool new friend on the ride. got home and laid it down hard.

the next day i had football practice and it was absolutely brutal getting up for that. but, i managed to make it and i’m glad i did. we had some semi-pro players from japan (but originally from the states) come to practice as guest coaches. i learned some good stuff and got to hurt some people, and that’s always a good combination.

and there, my friends, it is.

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