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take that, asshole!

the legend on the ddong chim

the ddong chim is a prank in korea, that has it’s roots in japan, and is the equivalent of the american wedgie.

basically, one takes their two hands and clasps them together tightly, while extending both index fingers. this forms a solid base for the two index fingers, which rely on one another for extra support as they prepare to completely violate and pry open some one’s unsuspecting anal sphincter.

i completely fail to see the humor.

take that, asshole!

oh, never mind. that does look pretty hilarious… butt not really

so, you pretty much get poked in the ass hole. now, that seems like blatant sexual harassment, but it is commonly brushed off by parents and teachers, alike. heck it’s so common there even is a statue dedicated to the shitty prank. we live in a sick world, my friends. sick.

now, this maneuver has never been performed on me, but i know some teachers here that go to work daily in absolute fear of getting their asses finger raped by little monsters.

they go to sleep on their backs, regardless on their preferred sleeping position and wake up in cold sweats with their assholes clinched tight. they have to constantly watch their asses; it’s like being in some sort of prison or downtown atlanta night club.

not i. i like to play a lil poker every now and then, but that just aint my kinda poker. i don’t play that shit. at all!

but it’s not just the kids that do it. some adults part-take in this activity as well. i have seen it with my own eyes, and flinched in shock and horror. it’s not a pretty sight, people. and the facial expressions of the ddong chim recipients are even worse.

every now and then you will see someone get ddong chimed that obviously enjoyed the hole experience waaay too much. hey, to each his own. at that point it’s best just to make a mental note of this and resume what it was you were doing. while sitting down off course.

for your viewing pleasure, here are some live action examples:

the demonstration

the penetration

there is even a ddong chim game if you want to try it without getting your hands dirty:play now!