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in fromation

a poem by dick daly

we live in a world where this information
lies right at the tips
of the fingers that are only concerned
with hushing her loose lips
so we fully know that it’s all controlled
by a select few in power positions
and those that hold the power to know
ab-normally-use that which has been given

we live in a world where miss information
lies right through her eyes
and in the end it’s is no surprise
that each day a piece of his story dies

and so it goes and everyone knows
but only as much as they’re told
we are paid to perceive and bought to believe
that there lies true value in gold

well, i will not buy it unless i first need it
so, as far as gold goes… in an ocean without a boat
no amount could keep us dry if needed
while wood works wonders for staying afloat

and i won’t believe it until i first see it
and i know this information as fact
but they will continue to have you perceive it
dressing up miss information as fact

so here’s my advice and place take it twice
be careful what you choose to take stock in
knowledge brings power and power sparks light
break out from the darkness you are locked in

since the dawn of man, there’s been a plan to have knowledge be given
but all of their guides, and all of their rules, and all of their information
history to religion, fact to fiction, is knowledge that they have written
to keep all of you wise,  and all of you fools, and  all of  you in formation