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Korea Update: Halloween

oh, i meant to write a post on halloween. a friend back in the states said after seeing my halloween pics that she was not aware that the satanic holiday was celebrated in korea. and it actually is not. the koreans are aware of the holiday but they don’t dress up and walk around collecting candy at night. the kids are too busy studying at those hours.

there are areas where the halloween spirit is a little more alive. bars and clubs that cater to foreigners do make an effort to dress up themselves and their places of business to get us foreigners to come in and get drunk. they give prizes for different categories of costumes and offer drink specials to get people shit faced. it’s easy marketing.

my first halloween here was alright. costume shops are not big here so it’s not easy to find a good costume. i, for example, went as a murderer. all i needed was a person to kill. once i got that out of the way i was a murderer for the night. no one told me, however, that you can’t just abandon that title after one night. if i knew it would stick with me i would have went as something else. i apologize to the girl i used to make my costume and also to her family. my prayers are insincere.

but, despite the slim selection of costumes, people still got very creative. there was jesus, satan, cowboys, men as women, women as men, angels, hobos, clowns, people dressed as koreans, police officers, flashers, badminton players, basketballers, i even convinced this girl without a costume to be my girlfriend for halloween. instant access to her vagina. score! but the most common costume, by far, was the drunk english teacher. those were all over the place.

so, there you have it. a look at halloween in s. korea.

some pics for your viewing pleasure