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outgrown clothes

a poem by dick daly

now, as far as i can tell, what we’ve got is far from hell, but it isn’t any closer to heaven.

and as far as i could see, you were tailor made for me, but you’re not  even any longer in season.

and even though all seems so swell, i find it oh so hard to tell you, that i’m secretly shopping round town for new garments.

because this one i have outgrown, and the seems can’t seem to be sewn, so i guess it’ll just have to be thrown out in the garbage.

and perhaps another man, will come by and find you and,
will find you to be something of a fitting treasure.

but the amount of pain that i may cause, by the falling of your toss, is something that i’m not fully prepared to dish out.

so at this moment here in time, i will hold you here as mine, keep you neatly stowed away in my old closet.

there you’ll hang so gracelessly, on display for me to see, every time i feel like looking at what once was.

i once was a righteous man, proud to hold you ’round my hand, and to flaunt you about the town, in midst of summers.

but now fall has come and gone, and the winter’s rolling on, and your embrace doesn’t warm me like it once did.

so one day i’ll have the heart, and will find the strength to part, my lips to tell you that you no longer suit my wardrobe.

and i hope you’ll take it well, but i doubt it that you will, and for that reason, i still window shop in silence.