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Movies And Music :A Review of the Movie; “Bronson”

So, it’s no secret that I love music. It also is pretty well known, even amongst those that know me ever so slightly, that I’m also a fan of movies. Well, me and every other person that has ever heard a piece of music and  seen a scene of a movie in their lives. But nothing arouses me more than when I watch a movie that has just the right music placed in just the right places. Well, nothing except when I place just the right music in just the right place, as I place just the right amount of plaster on just the right face, in one of my home-made, not-so-safe-for-anywhere, feature films. Those, however, are for my private collection and will only go public once one of the starlets of one of those movies makes it big in real life (I’m rooting for all of you).What can I say, I’m a just black male after a green buck. But, I digress.

This perfect marriage of sight and sound, when movies and music intermingle to make magic, always outshines even the most well-crafted of music videos. If done correctly, one will always be moved by the music, when heard, long after the movie is done; and forever link it with the images that accompanied it when their ears and eyes where initially enchanted by said magic. That’s why we so often play music when we make love, or on the other extreme, commit a murder. It sears the images in our brains and reminds us of the sensory satisfaction we received in those moments. Well, for legal purposes, I have to state that I’ve never really murdered anyone. However, each time I imagine murdering a co-worker, or a terrible waiter, or a hooker, or an asshole holding up a grocery line, I “imagine” me taking their lives to a memorable movement of Motzart, or one of the earlier works of Three 6 Mafia. But, I’m sure that everyone does this as well, even though the music choices may vary.

The music in a movie can be so moving that it can redeem almost the most terribly forsaken films. For example; a movie can suck a entire suitcase full of cock and balls, but if amidst the scene of this suitcase of cock and balls being sucked, the right music is deployed, it may entrap and sway even the harshest critic into seeing past the massive suckery of so many a cock and balls. That’s as eloquently as I could have put it, given such little thought I put into my writings, and my thoughts, for that matter.

Now on to the reason for this writing. The movie and music that inspired this post did no sucking of that sort. As a matter of fact, it do no sucking at all. Sure, you may have seen a suitcase. And yes, there were glimpses of a cock and some balls. But, this picture managed to get by the entire time san-sucking. Frankly, it was quite enthralling, even mesmerizing. Quite a brave and brilliant performance by the actor – Tom Hardy. And a well deserved glimpse into the life of the man that  called himself “Charlie Bronson”. The movie that I am speaking about is non other than the british biopic: “Bronson.”

The music in the movie was right in almost every scene. The following song, in particular, really got under my skin in the best possible way. So much so, that it may very well be my new favorite song for the next four days or so. Enjoy…