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Brain Drain Flow

this is necessary
i will continue to push forward
posse up and march for her
however fickle
she may or may not be
going against the grains
of the burning sands
as they trickle
and rain relentlessly
down the hourglass
half full and half empty
at the same time
has no effect
and space just takes up space
i stand head high
fully erect
ready to embrace and face
the truth that lies ahead
as the past patiently waits
looking forward to
my entire life
has been building up
to this very moment
looking back at
my entire life
bas been broken down
in pieces of atonement
and now that i’m here
i know not what to do
now that it’s in front of me
i can’t help but to look back
butt fuck it
in the end it all fades
to shades of black
and grey and the white
milk has been spilt
and i’m fresh out of fears
and rips and tears
the very core of my soul
is filled and emptied all at once
robbed of all its gold
left with insufficient funds
revenge is not at all a dish
however cold
spaghetti and meatballs sure is
or so i’ve been told
this is necessary
i shall do as i wish


This poem was inspired by a “brain drain” session I completed back in 2006. I always look back to my material of old for inspiration of the  new.