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you’re the captain of your ship

fueled up for take off

your clothes no longer have value

those that you’ve loved

they’ll miss you when you’re gone

you won’t be coming back

only forward from this point forward

interplanetary exploration

outerspacial glazing

gazing deep within in your soul

is emptied and exposed

waiting to be refilled and replenished

with a renewed sense of purpose

and direction set for earthless

bound for something new and shiny

no matter how tiny it may seem

you set your sights high

expectations low

certain of your destination

uncertain of your destiny

glowing off in the distance

patiently and eagerly waiting

for you to touch down

on her body’s  water and soil

to be explored and discovered

from highest peaks to deepest depth

ready to receive or reject you

not knowing what she may be

fully capable of

sparking new life and energy

or merely just

another volatile fiery star

dying to burn you to nothing in no time

you’ve done the math and science

the reward has outweighed the risk

all and nothing all at once

you proceed unperturbed

prepared for exogenesis