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twenty fourteen

If you think last year went by faster than the previous, you’re right. I’ve come to the humble realization that, the older you get, the faster years go by. No studies have shown this statement to be true, but I know this information as fact. This knowledge does not come as a surprise, but it does come with a dollop of sadness and a shit ton of motivation. Don’t let days, weeks, months and years pass you by. Use your youth and do some shit. Make lists and cross items off. Set lofty and lazy goals to mix things up and keep you motivated. And unless you’re a hooker and getting paid for it, don’t blow it.

I promise to do the following this year:

Be a good person to those that I love

Build up those that depend on me

Read and write more

Keep filthy dirty diary of secrets and share it with one person

Take dance lessons

Add at least two tailored suits to wardrobe

Reincorporate pink in my fashion selections

Make several dirty home movies

Expand my mind with reality altering drugs

Stay potent

Live young

Love hard

Hate nothing

Don’t murder anyone

And to be in the safe side, just in case I slip up on any one of these goals, don’t get found guilty for murdering anyone in the court of law.