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Today Is The Greatest


Happy new year! Yes, it is June and yes, it has been that long. Recently I was working late at the office doing something I should have done earlier that day and I came up with a saying. But before I go into what I told my self on that late and fate-filled work night, I would like to set the records straight that I do not have conversations with my self.  I don’t want my faithful readers to think that I’m that guy, you know, that does that. No, instead of talking to my self, I actually project another, better, version of myself upon the space that surrounds me and I try to forget that it’s not real and after a while, it is (an if you’re still with me, I commend you).

But the thing that often happens is that I forget which one is me and which one is not and before you know it, it doesn’t even matter, even though it should. And once we both drop our guards and put aside the minor detail of who is real and who is not,  we eventually begin to have completely authentic conversations. And it is in these moments of solitude that I come up with the smartest and dumbest ideas, sayings, concepts and designs while maintaining my residency in sanity.

Now back to the story I started to tell at the at the beginning of this thought. It was in that particular late-night session that I came up with the saying “today is greater than one day” and by that, I mean that it is always better to do something today than to say you will do it one day. I think visually, so I thought of it, stylized as 2 day > 1 day, which later evolved into the design at the top of this post.

I immediately loved the concept and decided to put it to (digital) paper by way of a vector-based graphic design software, which shall remain nameless. And about an hour or so later, I walked away from my work, convinced that I was satisfied with a version of the design you see above. I made some minor adjustments the following day to see if it made sense and it turned out that it needed some help, so I added the line at the bottom for clarification.

Now, the reason why I love the design is that it makes sense as a mathematical statement and as a verbal statement, when converting the numbers to words and disregarding the “over” symbols when reciting it out loud. So if you can do all of those things, then you can go ahead and get as much joy out of that little design as I do.  I also played with a multiplication version of the design, but the division eventually won out. It looks a little something, well exactly, like this:


And that simple saying has served as a wonderful little creative laxative to move along some of the shit that has been building up inside of my brain. Me writing this post is just one example of its effectiveness (even though I did procrastinate in posting it). But this does not mean that I am back to writing regularly, per se. Maybe if I can produce some fictional material, but I can’t keep sharing my deepest darkest secrets with the world, for free.

With that said, I’m open to any book deals if the price is right. Oh, you’ll get it all (in no particular order): Action, adventure, anal, babes, booties, boobies, crime, coming of age, coming on girls, danger, drugs, dark comedy, espionage, erotica, ecstasy, fetish, fantasy, fucking, girls, gangs, guns, haters, hookers, hoes, infidelity, infertility, incest, jokes, junkies, jizzing, kissing, kidnappings, kink, love, lust, lies, marriage, mistresses, murder mysteries, needles, nipple rings, none sense, orgasms, orgies, office romances, pleasure, pain, panty raids, quirks, queers, queefs, relationships, romantic comedy, reincarnation, suspense, sex, squirting, temptation, tension, tag teams, UTIs, ultrasounds, ultra-violence, vices, vaginas, women, whiskey, weddings, XL condoms, XXL clothing, XXX-rated home movies, yachts, yoga, Y2K, Zima, zebras and, of course, zombies!

Publishers, make me an offer!