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2016 Election: I Saw It Coming

I haven’t said a word about this general election because I don’t like to eat my own. Last night I observed the media as they watched in disbelief at what was happening. It was as if that was the first time that they actually took the time to consider this outcome. And that is what played a major role in it. The left-leaning media has been taunting this man (and his fiercely loyal base) for months, basically gloating in advance at his defeat, and in turn, fueled the fire to his victory.

While I didn’t know the outcome of this election in advance, there were three things that hinted towards Trump seizing the presidency and allowed me some time to prepare for the moment. I’ll list these three signs in order from the least to most telling.

The first giveaway that the Democrats had given the election away was when they elected Hillary as their candidate, despite the type of election this was. I would’ve loved to see the first woman president as much as the next guy or gal, but the reality of how bad she was as a candidate obviously did not become clear until last night.

The second most telling sign that Trump would win was Professor Allan Lichtman, who has successfully predicted every election since 1984. While he stated that this was the hardest election to predict, he had Trump as the winner based on his formula (this guy has it down). And while this should have been the clearest sign that Trump would win, there was one guy that I trust slightly more than this professor’s formula.

This brings me to the most telling sign, that basically cemented a Trump presidency before anyone could even see it coming. When Kanye West announced his run for president in 2020. Yeah, I said it! I At the very least, he knew that the Dems wouldn’t hold on to the office and at best, he knew that Trump would lower the bar, to hold the highest office in the land, so low, that even he would have a shot. As Kanye West has eloquently put it, “Kanye West is a genius!”

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