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F*ck R. Kelly!

I haven’t seen the R. Kelly docementray, but I don’t think it’s even necessary to see it to understand just how troubled that dude it. I actually never really rocked with him to begin with, even before all this “news” on his behavior. I’ve always thought the whole Aalliyah situation smelled foul, and I wasn’t even an adult back then. Before I commence to dragging this scumbag, I’ll just put it out there; I’m pretty nasty (ask about me). But when I’m disgusted by someone… Watch out! You know that fucker is TRASH!!! 

I’ve never seen the footage of him pissing on that young girl and I didn’t need to, to know that he is a sick, sad man. I was never able to get into his music either, because something about him just rubbed me the wrong way. I’ll admit that one or two of his songs have probably made their way onto one or two of my love-makin’ mix tapes/CDs during my misguided youth, but that’s just because that’s what the ladies wanted to hear. And that was back when I was still building my sexual credit, so I just did whatever was required to boost my score. Oh, the things I’ve done. 

I’ll also admit that I’ve even seen him live in concert, once. But to be clear, it was an invite in one of those executive box suites, so I wasn’t in any danger of getting peed on by accident. I’ve said all that to say that I didn’t actually spend my money to see this clown, therefore I was not directly patronizing him. And I’ve said all that in an effort to make me seem like a better person. I’m not. Back to the concert. It was a bit of an older crowd and he seemed slightly, but noticably uninspired. It was fairly recent so maybe it was due to his old age, but more than likely it was due to the crowd’s old age. 

Now on to the crux of the matter; aside from being a filthy person, R. Kelly is a predator of the most nefarious kind. Everyone pretty much agrees that sexually assaulting a very young person is bad. But Kellls openly preyed on girls that were still under legal age, but old enough for onlookers to give him a pass. Let me break it down for you folks, especially those in the camp of “those girls were, fast, loose and knew what they were doing.” There is a reason why sex with a minor is considered statutory rape. Kids (yes, kids) that age do not know what they’re doing, despite how wise they think they may be. They’re not. They are called young and dumb for a reason. They are also easy to manipulate and violate. It’s the adult’s responsibility to redirect and guide these children, no matter how fast, loose or fine. I understand how the lines could get blurred between a 18 and 16 year old, but R. Kelly has been a grown ass man for as long as I’ve known him. 

Furthermore, to put the blame on the victims, is both stupid and stupid. Yes, that stupid. I’m sure in some, if not most, of those cases, those girls have probably been mishandled in the past by adult males that should have been protecting and nurturing them instead of assaulting and damaging them. I’ve developed close and deep relationships with many women that have confided in me and shared some of the horrors that uncles, cousins, brothers and even fathers have put then through and it infuriates me to no end. That’s who R. Kelly is. He’s that guy. And that guy fucking sucks!