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3-Day Juice Fast: Day 1

I started a juice cleanse today. It went well.

Ever since I visited my brother (@cwdaly everywhere that matters) for his birthday about a month ago, I’ve been feeling really shitty about the way I eat. You see, Clay, as he likes to be called these days, is a really clean eater. I mean, insanely clean. He’s a fucking vegan for god’s sake. You know how hard that is?

Now, I won’t go into his reasoning for choosing his current lifestyle, but he does podcast about it occasionally if you want to check it out and feel guilty about being a normal person, if you’re an omnivore. And while it takes quite a bit to actually make me feel guilty about anything I eat, I do feel bad about the terrible turn that my diet had taken over the years. I’ve had no structure, restraint nor direction in what I’ve allowed to enter my body and lord knows it shows.

I’ve never been much of a diet guy, except for those few years where I went low carb to crawl out of a particularly deep health funk. That was actually very successful at transforming my out of shape body into something somewhat sexy. However, I knew it was particularly health nor sustainable. But, boy, was it easy to just eat as much meat as I wanted whenever I was hungry and not only but gain any unwanted weight, but actually lose some too. Shit was too good to be true. But eventually I adopted a more balanced diet and things seemed to stay in balance for the most part.

And then I had my son. He’ll be five this month and I’ve noticed that I’ve slowly put on a few pounds each year since he’s interrupted my balanced lifestyle. And I’m not blaming him. I’m just using him as an excuse. But if I plan to be around to see him grow old, I’ll have to stop living like I’m invincible. So, I decided to do a juice cleanse.

Now, in fully aware that I’ll likely lose some temporary weight by only consuming juice for three days, but that’s not the point or the goal here. The objective is to see if I feel any benefit from cutting out junk from my body and flooding it with nutrients. But in a higher level, I want to challenge myself and my relationship with food and eating in general.

Let’s face it, eating is really easy to do. Especially when you’re not very selective in what you choose to consume. A burger here, fried chicken there, ice cream and maybe even a mouthful of stripper vagina. I have no idea how that one got in there and I also have no idea how stripper always end up with their vages in my face. I guess I’m a vagitarian. But I really digress and sincerely apologise for that vulgar tangent.

The point I was trying to make was that we can become numb to the dumb choices we make when it comes to food. Heart attacks and diabetes can back me up on that. It’s almost as the food (and marketing) are actually in control and not the people. And I’m taking about myself here as well, so don’t think I’m taking down on you from some sort of high and mighty soup box (I know that sentence sucked, but I shall let her live).

So how was my first day, you ask? It was pretty easy for the most part. I bought my juices from Austin based, Squeezed. I’m actually doing it with a really close friend to give me some support along the way. We actually spit the six day cleanse between the two of us. We’ve done one in the past, but at the time I was in much better shape and I just did it to do it. This time my approach is a little more focused. I’ve got more to lose now.

I didn’t really feel any hunger today until I went to CrossFit in the evening after work. I always tend to build up a massive appetite after this classes and probably undue must of the progress from the gym in the drive-thru. Fucking idiot!

At any rate, I’ll report how I feel in days two and three right here. And I promise I’ll try to stay focused and actually write about the range of emotions and thoughts that cone and go though my mind as I continue this journey of starvation and masterbation. It should I cut that out too for the next few days? I’ll think it over while browsing pornhub. See you soon!

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