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About Dick Daly – Beast

DalyBeast.com is the personal blog of Dick Daly, who refers to himself as “The Beast” or simply; “Beast”.

Let’s be frank

These “About” pages are so pretentious; just an opportunity to toot one’s own horn to an audience that is listening. No matter the approach one takes in presenting themselves to the world, they will always come across as… well… full of shit, if you will. And if you won’t then I strongly encourage you to reconsider.

So here we are once again. Staring at yet another “About” page about yet another self centered ass hole. Let’s embark on this journey to find out what makes this man so unique, so special, so extraordinary. Let’s find out who Dick Daly is and what makes him such a “beast”.

Who is Dick Daly?

Dick Daly is a shameless self-promoter; a guy of little importance that thinks he’s much bigger than he actually is. Dick Daly drops his own name often in a manner that would imply that it either carries some weight or has some sort of royal significance, yet fails to realize that he’s pretty much nobody to anybody but him The type of lame that speaks about himself in the third person even when no one is listening in the first place. Take this description about Dick Daly, for instance;  penned entirely by Dick Daly himself, yet spoken like an observer on the outside looking in. What a dick!

What people say about Dick  Daly

An overt sexist, covert coward,  maniacal egoist,  and all around douche bag are some terms that have been used to describe Dick Daly by many of his close friends and relatives.

His enemies, however,  view him with  far greater criticism and disdain, through a set of drastically darker and blemished lenses, deploying decisively more destructive diatribes to describe Dick Daly.

What Dick Daly says about Dick Daly

Dick Daly describes himself in a peculiarly abstract and ambiguous fashion. Proclaiming to be an artist that knows no what art is, a  dreamer of all that is possible, and a believer in all that’s impossible.

Dick Daly has a penchant for fine things and finer women.  Possessing a keen eye for damaged souls longing to be repaired.  An opportunist standing ready to exploit and capitalize at a moments notice. Pouncing on his pray at their lowest and most vulnerable points. Devouring all that they may lay before him and swiftly leaving once fully-satisfied.  He has a way of making magical things happen in the midst of many women. He’s something of a ladies man. And if you don’t know, ask your lady.

With a flair for the adventurous and exciting; he desires to travel the world forming deeply passionate, yet sufficiently shallow relationships  with variously exotic and daringly erotic women. Currently on the mission of finding his first wife and fathering his first child, but not necessarily in that order.

He relishes in the arts and takes pleasure in both creating and observing. His tastes vary wildly and change as often as time itself.  Dick Daly enjoys the art of Dali to Basquiat, the  music of Radiohead to Lil Wayne, the movies of Spike Lee to Wes Anderson to , and writings of  Langston Hughes to Oscar Wilde (pause).

Neither an optimist not pessimist, Dick Daly likes to call him self the realist.

The real Dick Daly

It’s true that Dick Daly is one of those people that comes across as crass, rude, and downright unintelligent with a incurable case of literal diarrhea. While these characterizations may be accurate, there is much more to Dick Daly. Beyond the surface of the seemingly shallow pool of drivel lies a deep and thoughtful beast just waiting to be set free; waiting to exhale. Longing to be embraced, loved  and accepted.

The legend of “The Beast”

Dick Daly is, in fact, a fictional character created by an average dude that was high on life, low on cash, and wanted to pursue a career in the adult film industry. He made his debut in the early 2000’s with a self produced project  with very high hopes and a very low budget, by the following name and tag line: “Dick Daly – The Beast in Her Sheets and the Monster in Her Mouth”. Hence the name: Dick Daly- The Beast.  Sadly Dick Daly did not live up to the hype and fell short of the lofty goals he had set for himself, quickly realizing that he did not have what it would take to make it big – so to speak –  in porn. Well, at least that’s what she said.

Dick Daly today

After his short and unsuccessful stint in porn flopped,  Dick Daly turned to the pen and the bottle and began to pursue a career in writing. This pursuit of  a”career” in writing  soon became a mere hobby since his writing style was easily recognizable  by its coarse and unrefined characteristics; lacking any artistic merit or thought provocativity – often making up words and disregarding all rules related to proper grammar usage, style, and overall coherence. As one critic once put it, bluntly: “You suck, Dick!”  Agreed.

With that said… Enjoy!


The personal blog of Dick Daly –  Beast.

“We are not the same, I am a MONSTER”