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3-Day Juice Fast: Day 3


3- Day Juice Fast: Day 2

Now that we’ve got all the history about why in doing a 3-day Juice fast out of the way, let’s just get into the effect it’s having on me. To be completely honest, I woke up kind of groggy today. I didn’t feel hungry at all and noticed a bit of a headache. Hope it’s […]

3-Day Juice Fast: Day 1

I started a juice cleanse today. It went well. Ever since I visited my brother (@cwdaly everywhere that matters) for his birthday about a month ago, I’ve been feeling really shitty about the way I eat. You see, Clay, as he likes to be called these days, is a really clean eater. I mean, insanely […]

F*ck R. Kelly!

I haven’t seen the R. Kelly docementray, but I don’t think it’s even necessary to see it to understand just how troubled that dude it. I actually never really rocked with him to begin with, even before all this “news” on his behavior. I’ve always thought the whole Aalliyah situation smelled foul, and I wasn’t […]

2016 Election: I Saw It Coming

I haven’t said a word about this general election because I don’t like to eat my own. Last night I observed the media as they watched in disbelief at what was happening. It was as if that was the first time that they actually took the time consider this outcome. And that is what played […]

Today Is The Greatest

Happy new year! Yes, it is June and yes, it has been that long. Recently I was working late at the office doing something I should have done earlier that day and I came up with a saying. But before I go into what I told my self on that late and fate-filled work night, I would […]

Gun Tie: kinda like “gun shy,” but nothing like it

Have ever had experienced a series of events, however small, strung together in succession, in pretty close proximity to one another, and have them collectively combine to create a creepily coincidental moment that you just have to share, but don’t have anyone with you to share it with? No? Well, you simply must. But in […]

twenty fourteen

If you think last year went by faster than the previous, you’re right. I’ve come to the humble realization that, the older you get, the faster years go by. No studies have shown this statement to be true, but I know this information as fact. This knowledge does not come as a surprise, but it […]

What Do You Call A Post Inspired by Aziz Ansari and The Polar Express?

Beats the hell outta this Dick, but I just watched “Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive” and “The Polar Express”, in that order, yesterday and today, respectively, alone and with my family, also respectively in that order. I know. That previous sentence could have been constructed with more care and craftsmanship, but I like it just the […]

Race Awakening

I’ve remained fairly quiet during the whole Trayvon Martin situation. I remember briefly showing public support last year by putting up a picture of myself in a hoodie as my Facebook profile pic. And that’s about as far as that went for me. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not stating these facts because they […]