you’re the captain of your ship fueled up for take off your clothes no longer have value those that you’ve loved they’ll miss you when you’re gone you won’t be coming back only forward from this point forward interplanetary exploration outerspacial glazing gazing deep within in your soul is emptied and exposed waiting to be refilled […]

My Favorite Radiohead Songs By Album
(and how they became my fave band)

I’ve been a Radiohead fan since high school and it happened completely by accident. My brother had a mostly reggae/dancehall mix tape that I was listening to one night alone in my bedroom. I had my headphones plugged into my stereo player jammin’ away at the latest dancehall tunes, when out of nowhere and totally […]

In The Interest of Time:

I’ll Be Brief

The number of years between the ages of ten and twenty are equal to the number of years between twenty and thirty, only on paper. Of this, I am mostly certain. In the  interest of  time; it is neither simple nor compounding. While it is far more beneficial to the investor when it is in […]

Endings & Beginnings

I declared today a lazy day after work. And by “work” I mean my full-time day job. I usually work after “work” toiling away at the things that really move me. Sometimes I write, sometimes I design and sometimes it’s hours of research that get stretched much too long by the snares of one form […]

Brain Drain Flow

this is necessary i will continue to push forward posse up and march for her however fickle she may or may not be going against the grains of the burning sands as they trickle and rain relentlessly down the hourglass half full and half empty at the same time has no effect and space just […]

A Dick’s-Eye View: 2013 Grammys

Note: I think I like that title and may do several social commentaries under it. Let’s see how this goes first. I’m not really into the award show, celebrity blow job thing, but I needed something to write about. So, here we are. I think I’m going to do this in list form because it seems […]

The Article That Halted My Self-Loathing
and Convinced Me to Make a Porno

The article entitled, “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person,” by David Wong really jolted me back on my grind. If you have some time, and I know you do, check that sucker out.  Basically it makes generalizations about many people’s behaviors and just happens to strike a few chords either by luck […]

OMFG: Where Has 2012 Gone?

See that guy up there. He looks disappointed and he should be.  Here’s why: It has been an entire year since I have written anything for this thing. At this point I feel like I should just fold this shit up and put it away. Despite occasional pleas from pseudo-fans of the site, I have not produced […]

My First Black Friday Shopping Experience

No, I’m not talking about the weekly pay day rush at my local KFC. I’m talking about the day-after-thanksgiving tradition, cleverly marketed as “black Friday.” And I’ll tell you what, it’s not named such because of the large amounts of black people there. I saw a grand total of two black families out there. I […]

I Wish I Could Go Occupy Wall Street, But I Have A Job

However …