My Favorite Radiohead Songs By Album
(and how they became my fave band)

I’ve been a Radiohead fan since high school and it happened completely by accident. My brother had a mostly reggae/dancehall mix tape that I was listening to one night alone in my bedroom. I had my headphones plugged into my stereo player jammin’ away at the latest dancehall tunes, when out of nowhere and totally […]

A Dick’s-Eye View: 2013 Grammys

Note: I think I like that title and may do several social commentaries under it. Let’s see how this goes first. I’m not really into the award show, celebrity blow job thing, but I needed something to write about. So, here we are. I think I’m going to do this in list form because it seems […]

The Article That Halted My Self-Loathing
and Convinced Me to Make a Porno

The article entitled, “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person,” by David Wong really jolted me back on my grind. If you have some time, and I know you do, check that sucker out.  Basically it makes generalizations about many people’s behaviors and just happens to strike a few chords either by luck […]

Movies And Music :
A Review of the Movie; “Bronson”

So, it’s no secret that I love music. It also is pretty well known, even amongst those that know me ever so slightly, that I’m also a fan of movies. Well, me and every other person that has ever heard a piece of music and  seen a scene of a movie in their lives. But […]