The Bigger The Dick, The Bigger The Asshole:
Pause… And Consider Why Nice Guys Finish Last

  Hulluva title huh? Yes, that title is a bit of a  double penetrating entendre for ya, but either way you look at it, it’s true. Before you jump the gun and think that I’ll be discussing some sort of vulgar butt smut, or pontificating on the pains and sins of poohole sex – stop! […]

Single on Valentine’s Day (an oldie, but goodie)

I posted this a few years back on my myspce blog (remember that place).  I was single at the time and had a slightly different take on the magical holiday known as Valentine’s Day. I’m currently in a very happy relationship and no longer share the views that I’ve expressed in this dated post. However, […]

Out of Body Experience

Have you ever had an out of body experience or an OBE for short? I’ve had one and that shit was fucking scary. When it happened I just thought it was a nightmare, but upon further research, I discovered that I actually had an OBE. There are even people that practice inducing OBEs and have […]

Freshman 15, part. 2

No. You haven’t missed a previous article titled “The Freshman 15, part. 1”. “The freshman 15 part. 2” refers to something all its own. Something slightly sinister and devious. Something that you should be very aware of, if you ever consider teaching in S. Korea. Allow me to explain. I tend to think of the […]

D. Daly – Beast: Bench Press Work-Owt

This is just a video of my bench-press routine. I, like most men, enjoy bench pressing. Not for fun, but for pride. The first thing that dudes ask one another when discussing weight training, is… “how much you bench?” And that is probably the only reason I bench-press as much as I do. As far […]

doin’ da dam thang (holland fiction)

(this is a two part entry. please disregard the second part) part 1: da dam         so, i just returned from a trip to amsterdam and surrounding cities. many people ask me why i decided to go there for my vacation, and the answer is because i have family that lives there […]

in fromation

a poem by dick daly

Boryeong Mudfest 2009: The Mud Wrestler

You’re soooo dirty     I attended the boreyoung mudfest which is held each year at Daecheon swimming beach. I must say that I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s pretty much a festival of mud for people to play in and get down and fuckin’ dirty.

Your Cheating Girl…

… is my favorite girl. Allow me to explain why. The Scenario: So, you catch your girl cheating on you? Even worse, you catch her  in the middle of the act. Sure, anger is one of the first emotions that comes over you. This might escalate to rage and possibly end up in murder. Now […]

Too Close For Comfort: A True Story

First-Hand Experience On The Cultural Differences Regarding Personal Space In Korea   So I go to the the gym today straight from work. It is common for gyms in S. Korea to issue clothing to patrons to work out. Very convenient for those that stop by the gym on the go. I normally go home […]