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The Article That Halted My Self-Loathing
and Convinced Me to Make a Porno

The article entitled, “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person,” by David Wong really jolted me back on my grind. If you have some time, and I know you do, check that sucker out.  Basically it makes generalizations about many people’s behaviors and just happens to strike a few chords either by luck […]

Freshman 15, part. 2

No. You haven’t missed a previous article titled “The Freshman 15, part. 1”. “The freshman 15 part. 2” refers to something all its own. Something slightly sinister and devious. Something that you should be very aware of, if you ever consider teaching in S. Korea. Allow me to explain. I tend to think of the […]

D. Daly – Beast: Bench Press Work-Owt

This is just a video of my bench-press routine. I, like most men, enjoy bench pressing. Not for fun, but for pride. The first thing that dudes ask one another when discussing weight training, is… “how much you bench?” And that is probably the only reason I bench-press as much as I do. As far […]

working owt…

… just seems like a dumb thing to do don’t get me wrong; i work owt often. 3-5 times a week for at least an hour. so that is roughly 300 hours a year that i spend inside of a building lifting massive amounts of weights that always end up back in the same place […]