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Freshman 15, part. 2

No. You haven’t missed a previous article titled “The Freshman 15, part. 1”. “The freshman 15 part. 2” refers to something all its own. Something slightly sinister and devious. Something that you should be very aware of, if you ever consider teaching in S. Korea. Allow me to explain. I tend to think of the […]

Korea Update: Summer time

B-day, Seoul, Everland, BJJ So, it’s been a few minutes since I’ve logged anything about my life here in Korea. I’ve been both busy and lazy and those are my excuses for why Dick Daly have been M.I.A. As you may know, I made the huge mistake of getting a lady here. Now I actually […]

Korea Update: holiday season

I haven’t written any posts lately because, quite frankly, there hasn’t been much to write home about. The holiday season here in Busan was decent. The season has never been a big deal to me, and  most Koreans share the same sentiment.

Korea Update: Halloween

oh, i meant to write a post on halloween. a friend back in the states said after seeing my halloween pics that she was not aware that the satanic holiday was celebrated in korea. and it actually is not. the koreans are aware of the holiday but they don’t dress up and walk around collecting […]

Korea Update: I got nothin’ man!

All apologies It’s been so long since I wrote a post, but I honestly got nothin’ right now. No interesting encounters, exciting adventures, or sleazy stories to tell. So, I’ll just give an update of all the things I’ve been up to. I’ve been keeping busy with football and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Both activities […]

New (old) Friends

The meeting So, I have been back from my vacation for a bout 2 weeks now. And ever since my return to work, I have been running into these old men that sit outside of a store just about everyday after I get off. They just sit there and chat it up while eating dried […]

Boryeong Mudfest 2009: The Mud Wrestler

You’re soooo dirty     I attended the boreyoung mudfest which is held each year at Daecheon swimming beach. I must say that I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s pretty much a festival of mud for people to play in and get down and fuckin’ dirty.

take that, asshole!

the legend on the ddong chim the ddong chim is a prank in korea, that has it’s roots in japan, and is the equivalent of the american wedgie. basically, one takes their two hands and clasps them together tightly, while extending both index fingers. this forms a solid base for the two index fingers, which […]

b-day abraod

so, i’ve been holding off from writing this blog for a few reasons. 1. it has it’s sad moments 2. i can hardly remember it 3. i’ve been super busy

Too Close For Comfort: A True Story

First-Hand Experience On The Cultural Differences Regarding Personal Space In Korea   So I go to the the gym today straight from work. It is common for gyms in S. Korea to issue clothing to patrons to work out. Very convenient for those that stop by the gym on the go. I normally go home […]