S. Korea

a little bit of seoul

this past weekend i was feeling a little down because two people that are very close to me were both having their (separate) weddings that weekend. since, i’m in s. korea at the moment, i wasn’t able to attend either one. to cheer myself up, i decided to take a quick train ride to seoul. […]

so, the red light means…

… do whatever the fuck you want. oh, i see. seriously, traffic in s. korea (busan in particular) is fuckin’ crazy. i don’t see how i don’t spot more accidents or deaths here. red lights seem to serve as merely a suggestion in this place. the only people that obey the traffic signals are the pedestrians. […]

nothin' much goin' on over here

this friday was teachers day here in s. korea. the school had a ceremony honoring and thanking the teachers as we were showered with small gifts, flowers, and treats. as an added bonus we also were given the rest of the day off after lunch. cool beans.

what can johnnie do for you?

not much, my friend before i came here a friend of mine, who has lived in korea, told me to bring a couple of bottles of johhnie walker red label, specifically (i prefer the black label, myself). “what’s so great about red label?”, i ask him. “i don’t know, but they just love it. bring […]

Korea Update: party like an english teacher?

fukin’ right! man, one thing i quickly realized once i met some other foreigners, is that these guys and gals do not play when it comes to partying and drinking. korea itself seems to have a very strong drinking culture so i guess they’re just trying to fit in, right?

where i work

i teach at dong pyung girls’ middle school, in busan. the school is relatively small with only 600 students. i am the only native english speaking teacher and i have 3 korean co-teachers that speak english. here are some pictures of my room:

how i’m livin’

apparently… not too large welcome to dtv cribs:

Korea Update: what are you looking at?

oh, the big black dude walking around your city…. continue.

hello world!

get ready to get ran thru by dick daly. (he’s a beast!)