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Korea Update: I got nothin’ man!

All apologies

It’s been so long since I wrote a post, but I honestly got nothin’ right now. No interesting encounters, exciting adventures, or sleazy stories to tell. So, I’ll just give an update of all the things I’ve been up to.

I’ve been keeping busy with football and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Both activities have caused me some injuries already and I have received some acupuncture to heal my wounds. That shit works and its dirt cheap here. I personally find it a bit annoying; you just sit there with a needle in you. Feels like a really long mosquito bite. Just wanna slap it, but that would hurt.


Football has been going alright. So far we had 3 games and I missed one due to a knee injury. We tied 1 game, won 1, and lost 1 (bad!). There aren’t many teams so the season is short, but this shit is pretty fun.

Dick Daly and The Busan Gryphons

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

My first bjj tournament will be in December in Busan. I’m new so I don’t realistically think I’ll win the entire tournament but my goal will be to maim someone. I’ve been out of the weight room, but I have been pushing around the lightweight (and the light people) in my bjj gym. For cardio I’ve been hitting the punching bag and sparring, oh and having sex with a whole bunch of Korean chicks.

Dick Daly and his BJJ gym in Busan

Korean classes

Oh yeah, I also started taking Korean classes. I decided 6 months in, that maybe I should learn the language. My pick up line, “penis. big.” can only carry me so far and does not work on all women. Once I get this language down I’ll be like an unleashed beast that can speak Korean (as opposed to an unleashed beast that cannot speak Korean). I’m not leaving here with out impregnating someone. Korea needs some diversity and Dick Daly’s on a mission to make it happen!

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