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OMFG: Where Has 2012 Gone?

Dick Daly's Disappointed Face


See that guy up there. He looks disappointed and he should be. 

Here’s why: It has been an entire year since I have written anything for this thing. At this point I feel like I should just fold this shit up and put it away. Despite occasional pleas from pseudo-fans of the site, I have not produced one single word for more than a year. I did start on some writings, but have not been able to finish them of to the point of contentness. Another one reflected on a loss of a close friend I I’ve decided to keep that one private, for now at least.I used to think that I wanted to be a writer, but how can one become a writer if one does not write. Sure I have written for work and I have taken on a few freelance writing assignments, but there has not been anything produced for sheer pleasure. No creativity expended for the sake of artistic expression or personal craft perfection. What thee fuck, man?

I hereby swear that from this point on not one single month will go by without some sort of record of events that have occurred,  thoughts that have been pondered, or ideas that need to be shared. This vow is not only for those that follow this blog, though your support is much appreciated, but also for my self and the betterment of my writing skills. Additionally, when years have come and gone, I’d like to be able to look back at how foul and vulgar I was in my last years of youth. So, if you’re here… Thanks! Hope you stick around.