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Endings & Beginnings

I declared today a lazy day after work. And by “work” I mean my full-time day job. I usually work after “work” toiling away at the things that really move me. Sometimes I write, sometimes I design and sometimes it’s hours of research that get stretched much too long by the snares of one form or another of social medium or internet porn. Some days it’s the gym or rugby or some other form or another of  physical activity, occasionally of a sexual nature. Today was actually a rugby day, but I sustained a shoulder injury in a game over the weekend and needed it to heal. So a lazy day was declared. I would come home, eat dinner and relax.

I made it a Netflix day. After much searching and contemplation, “Margin Call” made the cut. It was certainly the description that got me, because I do not recall hearing anything about this movie in the past. For those that haven’t either, it is about the events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. It starred Kevin Spacey. It was good enough. This isn’t a review so I won’t go into the nits and grits, but in the end Kevin Spacey’s character lays his dog to rest after it passed away.

After the movie I felt like watching somethings else. Embark on a new series, perhaps. I heard good things about House of Cards” and I wanted to see what the hype was about. For those that are also unfamiliar, it is a Netflix original based in Washington. It also, coincidentally, starred Kevin Spacey and ,even more coincidentally, starts of with a scene of his his character interacting with a dog; this time putting one to rest after it’s been hit by a car. And the combined ending and beginning of both of those scenes got me up to write this short piece. Had this been any other day, this post would have been much longer. But today has already been declared a lazy day, so it shall end.

Some inspirations strike imperfectly and unexpectedly at the wrong occasions and some endings transition perfectly and unexpectedly into the right beginnings. May those words inspire you in whatever way they will. Good day.